Glendale Community College – Flea Market NOV-20-2016


We will be selling our hand-made items (and other second-hand merchandise) at Glendale College Swap meet on 11/20/2016

Come see us there!

Update 11-21-2016 Here is a picture of our booth at Glendale College:


There was rain all day! Glad we were prepared with extra table cloths to cover things!

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Swap meet 1: Pasadena College

Our first swap meet Pasadena College Nov 6, 2016

How it went:
Cost of space $120 (WOW so much!!!)

It went OK. With the support of friends and family we were able to barely profit here.
Maybe it was the time change (daylight savings time) or maybe the cold weather or the location of our booth (we were over a football field from the public parking lot).
I am happy we went and had this opportunity to learn.

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