Buying at Thrift stores for Resale

Since the Swap meets have been very slow, we turned our focus more towards online sales using I have been selling on there since 2004, but mostly focused on rare parts for people to repair electronics.

We have been gathering items for the swap meet from friends and family, but most of these items are not good for online sales (too much competition, or value too low to ship item). We needed better inventory. Continue reading “Buying at Thrift stores for Resale”

Swap meet 3: Glendale college Swap meet

Our third swap meet Glendale college Dec 18th

Cost for space $40 (Coupon was for first time only)

– how it went

We looked up the weather and the rain should stop 2 days before the swap meet, so we should be good to go. We decided to sign up for a space. Right before Christmas should be good for sales, right?

I remembered again to bring the 2×4 pieces to level my tables on this hill, and I am really glad I did. The entire day we were hearing glass breaking. I don’t think anyone else had level tables.

This time we had a $1 table and to see if that attracts more people to our booth. Continue reading “Swap meet 3: Glendale college Swap meet”

Maker Faire – DTLA Library Dec 3, 2016

Los Angeles Public Library Maker Faire Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (PST)

How it went:
Cost of space $0.00! Parking with validation $1

I decided to attend the Maker Faire to promote our DIY blog

We have many items we made on the website that we had around the house, so we were able to bring them and show people! There were over 600 people there in the few hours we were there. This is a lot of free promotion for my company, I handed out almost all my fliers and over half my business cards!

Continue reading “Maker Faire – DTLA Library Dec 3, 2016”

Swap meet 2: Glendale College

Our second swap meet – Glendale College Nov 20, 2016

how it went:
Cost for space $35 (With coupon)

It went OK. Right after we setup the rain started. The rain was on and off all day and not too many customers. We made one sale that really saved our day, before that we would not have broken even.

I know this parking lot is sloped on a hill. I came prepared with 2×4 wood pieces that I used to level the tables. I bet we were the only ones there that thought of that on their first time! Continue reading “Swap meet 2: Glendale College”

Swap meet 1: Pasadena College

Our first swap meet Pasadena College Nov 6, 2016

How it went:
Cost of space $120 (WOW so much!!!)

It went OK. With the support of friends and family we were able to barely profit here.
Maybe it was the time change (daylight savings time) or maybe the cold weather or the location of our booth (we were over a football field from the public parking lot).
I am happy we went and had this opportunity to learn.

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INTRO – Starting new business BLOG

Hello, I am Gabe and this is my wife Lupe.
We married 6 months ago!  (see our wedding video)

We both love making things, Gabe is a handyman and Lupe is an artist.

We started August 2015 to show our projects and how we made them. Then in August 2016 we decided to expand our business and start to sell things. Some things we make, other things people give us to sell.

We want to use this new Blog to explain our business story, our experiences, what we learn, how we started, etc.

We will be writing posts showing the business side of the company, and behind the scenes details of our company.

First – Starting a Swap meet / Flea Market Business