Entire Wall Shelving


I build an entire wall wood Shelving and Counter for my soldering and small parts drawers. The top shelf holds my larger maker items such as motors and computer parts. Under the counter is my server and amplifier racks. I made the left side into my kitchen area and my bookcase under that.

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I make my own Carbon Fiber fenders and magnetic parts tray.

My car came with crappy fiberglass fenders covered in bondo to make them fit this model of car… Not sure what the last owner was thinking.

I was going to change that!

Here are the fenders I made:


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Step by step – How to build a computer.

Building a Personal Computer (PC):

You may be asking yourself: What do you need to build a computer? or How to build a computer from scratch?
Its not difficult to build a computer from scratch. Take a look at how I build computers for an idea on how a computer is built.

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Add TOUCHSCREEN to a LCD screen!


I bought this 7″ LCD screen from Frys on clearance for only $5. It has a weird connector to connect to the companies DVD player or something. I rewire it to work on Composite input (RCA plugs). I also make it Touchscreen for the computer using a USB transcriber Continue reading “Add TOUCHSCREEN to a LCD screen!”